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YJ axles

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My brother is installing Dana 44s in his 95 YJ and said i could have his old axles if i can use them.


they have 4.10 gears which my truck could really use,I know the front axle won't fit but would the gear set fit my axle.


is the rear axle the same width or can i swap the gears and axles.

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Rear axle is the essentially the same Dana 35, only with different brackets welded on. Keep in mind that it's still just a Dana 35.


Front can be converted if you weld on XJ/MJ stuff (might be tough with the YJ CAD mount). Unless you're capable of doing a gear set-up, you might want to re-think trying to swap gears yourself. It's not as easy as just bolting them in (it can cost between 100 and 300 per axle to get it done right).


You can sell the pair and put them towards an Explorer 8.8 and an MJ/XJ Dana 30 with 4.10s already in them.

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