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The day after: So Bored...


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After blowing off all of the motars, I had 24-or so cans of misc aerosol material from work. Carb cleaner, windshield de-icer, battery cleaner....etc. It was fun just lighting the straw on fire and making flamethrowers, but it all got old. So, we had the idea to place them in the bonfire-with great results. Placed upright, the plastic valve would melt out, and make an incredible 10-15 foot flame pointed in the direction of the top of the can. (not always up) Or, placed face down, they would blevy the bottom of the can, and make a 25-30 foot fireball. problem was, the "sitting" couch was a little too close after we just threw the rest of the 10 or so cans in. We were all at good distance, but the couch wasn't. So in the middle of all of this madness (because the final cans were in an array of positions) we were behind the couch, trying to put out the front of it with old bud light :ack: . Had a couple blevies, but all in all, saved part of the couch. We couldn't let it go up, because the couch donor requested we be there for the demise of said furniture. I would post a vid or something, but my computer won't recognize the file from my camera phone. (Comes up as an unplayable .3g2 extension on WMP, anyone have a fix?).


And the Chief knows how we are, we get some of our best ideas from him. :shake: Afterall, you have to be somesort of a pyro to be on the fire department.


Rob L. :thumbsup:

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