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Hi I'm aggravated also...different issue.....

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Ok here goes.... serpentine belt let go.... Looks like it was close to original.... 4.0 174k on it.... so belt was on it for probably since 120k? guessing there.... so I had to use lots of wd-40 plus extra love to get the bolts loose... Ever since I put the belt back on it looks like the Power steering unit...Bracket and housing plus the pulley looks to be just a little out of line with the other pulleys... I have tried and tried to tweak the bracket and pull the housing back in line...but to no avail....

So then there is the squeal. It is loud at idle...and then louder and louder as you accelerate. I discovered today that when I push the belt toward the motor with a screwdriver (while the truck is running) the squeal goes away...so the pulley on the waterpump is causing the noise... Totally cleaned the pulley after I installed a new waterpump.

Option A: shim the waterpump pulley out an 1/16" to 1/8th" to accommodate the wp problem...

Option B: take it to a professional.....

Option C: ???? please fill in the blanks...


Thanks in Advance.....

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If it is the out-of-align power steering pump that is causing the water pump pully to squeal, could you shim the PS pump in some way? I mean. I know it has two bolts and a tensioner...but it seems by your explaination that the PS pump alignment is when the problem started.

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The pulley on the power steering pump is pressed on. If someone has replaced it, or had it off for any reason, they could have either pressed it on to far, or not far enough. Mine had the squealing (very loud) issue as well, and it turned out to be the PS pulley was pressed on about 1/8" too far. The outer flange edge of the PS pulley should be perfectly even with the end of the shaft.

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