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dropping the tank

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Hey guys new here and need a little help. Trying to drop the gas tank but I can't remove the sheild or strap bolts. I have hit them with pb blaster for 2 days and still no luck. I am a little reluctant to cut anything being that close to the tank. suggestions anyone?

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Is it a plastic or metal shield?


The plastic shields are easy to remove- simply snap off the 4 little bolts holding it on and throw it away.


The straps are a little different, since the nuts you need to remove are too far up the stud for any socket to reach, and it's too close to the strap to really get a box end wrench on. That basically leaves breaking loose a nut that's got 17+ years of rust on it with an open ended wrench.


You could cut the studs down

(sawzall, NOT fire!), get the nuts off with a socket, and then get some new hangers.

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sorry 87 long bed 4.0, removing the bed due to heavy rust damage. Might go flat bed route or replace/repair skins. Plastic shield, tank was leaking gas right at the fuel pump assembly, and the filler neck. I drained the tank and cleared the fuel rail. Just don't want to see it go up in flames.

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