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Built my yj rear axle today


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set up my rear at work today, 5.13 gears and spool.


Image Not Found


spent about 3 hrs doing it completely right and nice, and the housing was already disassembled. all the tolerances are at the tightest side of in spec, which i wouldn't do for a driver, but for off road i'll get the least deflection while being in tolerance. the second pic is reusing the old shims, which is just a starting point. most people just throw it together with the old shims, and this is the result, after taking it back out obviously:



contact is too shallow, and toward the heel.


after setting the backlash i had to start over by adding pinion depth, thus changing backlash, so all in all it takes about 6 or 7 tries before you can assemble with the new bearings and press it all together.



Image Not Found


finally where i want it.




so moral of the story is, 6 hrs to set up an axle is about right. i'd like to do a nice write up, but no time on this axle, but i found the best write up i've seen on the net that was just made a few weeks ago, so i can send that out.

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