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Fitted rubber mats on carpet or rubber floor cover?

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OK guys, I need to replace the torn rubber floor cover in my Comanche so I've been looking at the carpet kits from eBay as an "upgrade". Before I get carpet though, I need some fitted rubber mats for protection. I've used Weathertech in the past for cargo liners, and their mats seem to be pretty good, but the ones for the Comanche appear to be generic mats. I'm really looking for something that's molded to the floor contours.


If these are not available, I guess I'll just go with rubber flooring instead of the carpet. Does anyone know if the quality of the aftermarket covers are any good? How about a good source for them? Thanks in advance.

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I love my rubber floor. It has saved the Floor pans in the MJ without a doubt. I would recommend going this route. I have heard that the ones from JCWhitney have some minor fitment issues, particularly where the floor pan side of the seat bracket pokes up and the carpet/rubber needs to be contoured to fit the bracket. IMO carpet is a downgrade from the rubber because of the protection it provides against moisture getting to the floor pans and the ease of cleaning the floor after dirt/mud gets tracked in.

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