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I really don,t know where to start, but here goes. For the Bonneville comanche i have to run a manual 5 speed trans and an explosion proof bellhousing. The bellhousings only come with the chevy/ t10 bolt pattern on them. I could use some kind of chevy to jeep trans adapter to match up any number of transmissions. My first thought was to use a TKO600 ( The truck is 2wd like most MJs) The trans alone was $2,200, and it was another $400.00 for a shifter relocation kit. It would be bulletproof with a rating of 600 ft/lbs. It would also bolt directly to the bellhousing. $2,600.00 was kind of out of the budget, so I started looking at cheaper solutions. I had purchased a World Class T5 from a Firebird several months ago, but found out it had the wrong OD gear and wrong shifter location, and the wrong bolt pattern to the bellhousing. Other than that it was fine.


First let me explain, t5 were originally used in amc cars and Jeeps from 80-85. These first units were NWC( Non World Class) and rated for about 240 ft/lbs of torque. These transmissions had a Ford bolt pattern. around the same time GM started to use the T5 in the S10 and F body cars and even the astro vans. These transmissions were also NWC but had the standard chevy bolt patten and input shaft. Ford also started to use the T5 in the Mustang, and in 85 introduced the WC ( World Class) version. these transmissions were rated at around 300ft/lbs of torque. around 1988 GM started to put the WC version into the Camaro, but kept the NWC in the S10 until 92.


In 1992 GM also changed to the Ford bolt pattern and input shaft and went to an electronic spedometer but they were world class units. They came with many different gear ratios. If you want to know what is in one of these , find the metal tag. It will have a number starting with 1352 or 13-52 then a 3 digit number like 221. you can take this number and look up what the trans is on a sitle like this,



So back to my story, i start calling around to different places that work on these. Because they have been used in the Mustags forever, many parts are available and allot people do upgrades. here are the top 3 :





Astro was finally able to help me out. he found a 92 s10 world class case with the Chevy pattern (very rare), and had a 26 spline input from a 88-91 Camaro. He will be installing a Mustang Cobra gearset rated for 350 ft/lbs and a .8 OD that he makes himself that will handle 450 ft/lbs of torque. This will bolt directly to the bellhousing and have the shifter in the correct location. The only downside ids the electronic spedo output. This custom built trans will cost me $1,500.00 , $1,100.00 cheaper than the TKO600.


But the reason I Am posting here, is that it occured to me that the Mustang WC t5 would not be a bad trans for a MJ. they are available for a few hunderd bucks and are reasonably strong. The problem is that the shifter is in the wrong location. A s10 tailshaft can be swapped in which will locate the shifter correctly but you have to so some work to relocate the spedo gear. The 85-90 mustang used a mechanical spedo.


You could also use a 92 and up S10 WC trans, ( low first gear) they have an electronic spedo output.

You will need a bellhousing. a Jeep T4 or T5 bellhousing will work. If you can't find one used, they are available new https://www.fortec4x4.com/product.php?productid=2853 for about $250.


If you are really looking for a challange, you could swap in a S10 4wd trans and transfer case. Allot cheaper than the jeep stuff.

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I never did get a reply from ya if you are using a 4.0 or a 2.5? or something different altogether?


I haven't really been following your build thread, unfortunately (for me apparently lol).



You could have simply used an ax15 with some sort of gear kit in it and it would have bolted directly to a 4.0. if you have a 2.5 liter then an ax15 with a 90's dodge dakota bellhousing would have worked as well.



T5's, like I'd said, were never offered in cherokees or comanches. there have been a very select few that came from the factory with the t5, but most were 4wd and v6's in 1986 due to the factory not having enough ax5's to put in them.



but I guess all of my T5 and AX5 info is moot....because after looking up your thread I see that you have a 4.0 liter.



why not just build and use an AX15? they came in 2wd, they're cheaper, and I believe you can get gear kits in them. they're better than a T5.

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The big problem was the requirement for an explosion proof bellhousing, I needed a trans that would bolt to the lakewood.


A built T5 can handle 600 hp, I don't think the AX15 can do that.




Here is the expected HP and Torque vs a stock HO 1999 motor.


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If i remember correctly Rick Byrnes used a Liberty built T-5 in his Merkur Xr4ti bonneville car.

he managed to get up to 208mph. so the tranny is capable of doing it,ive read that at one point his car was putting out around 700HP



I don't know if it matters for your purpose but ive heard the s-10 T5s don't shift real well.

people use them in ford falcon v8 swaps because the shifter will clear the bench seat were the car t-5s won't. the only complaint ive heard is they shift like a truck were the car t-5s are pretty smooth.

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So everything will interchange? I wanted to go T5 in my Falcon but the bench would interfere with the shifter. the S10 T5 fits perfect but i didnt want it to shift like a truck.


If the car guts will work in the S10 T5 that might be the route i need to go.

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