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Will not start

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After the 1986 2.8 v6 (Comanche)has been rebuilt, is there some sort of sensor or relay or something that needs replaced or reset in order to get started again?

Distributor, battery, coil, everything has been installed new and tested.

Seem to have juice everywhere, just little or no spark to the plugs.

So am wondering if perhaps an engine protection device or something other that a person would not normally think about may be the problem.

While I was in the hospital, we allowed a neighbor to borrow the pickup for a couple of weeks. The motor trashed apparently for lack of oil while they had it, hence the rebuild. This may be a clue, I don't know.

Will sure appreciate any help, and thanks in advance.



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There's no CPS on a 2.8L. When I had issues starting my 2.8, the problem turned out to be corrosion on the power wire feeding the coil. The spark was simply too weak to fire the gas consistently.

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