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replacing a/c clutch pulley

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The a/c compressor is making some awful noise. When I replaced the engine last summer, I replaced the condensor just to be complete, but I really don't care if it works or not at this time, not interested in the expense. Well, with the compressor making all this noise, I'm worried about seizing and snapping the serp. belt.


Got the bearing for $24 or so from rockauto. What is there to this? Is it straightforward? The FSM makes it look like you need a couple of pullers, one is like a steering wheel puller, but the other -- ??? Anyone done this?






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I tried this on my '96 Beretta and it was a royal PITA. The problem is not replacing the hub and bearing assy (yes, you will need the A/C clutch holder tool) rather it's trying to get the air gap correct when you reassemble it. I couldn't get the clutch to engage because of the air gap. Not sure if the alignment would be off far enough to affect the serpentine belt...I didn't let it run long enough to find out.

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