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need lugs

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Hello and good evening. I was wondering where I can get some Lugs? I have two different sizes and I want one original size. Anyway, If anybody has some they would like to sell used (not stripped) or new? I have a 92 Comanche 4.0. Lugs seem to be expensive for what they are (I know, they hold rim onto the axles---cannot move without them). Can someone help. I love this website and everyone seems to be helpful as all get out. Sorry for the mundane question. Thanks for your time.



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I have a nearly new complete set of solid 1-piece Gorilla lug nuts (1/2"x20) in super condition. Hex wrench size is 13/16". The set also includes 4 locking lug nuts with the socket key. These are better than factory as they are heavier duty and are solid w/o the factory s/s shell that always seems to get destroyed over time w. impact wrenches. Will sell cheap. PM me if interested. :D

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I just go get them off of a Ford Ranger/ Exploder out in the junkyard....


P.S. just an FYI, but when the little tin cap is missing/destroyed, an 18 MM socket fits PERFECTLY. I keep an 18MM in my toolkit just from habit, but it has been very helpful for the missing cap headache.

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