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I WANT A V8 4X4 comanche

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Who needs a link?


Step 1: rip out entire drivetrain:

Step 2: graft in entire new drivetrain that won't explode

Step 3: pay out the nose for the best radiator you can possibly afford along with the best E-fans you can find.

Step 4: Vent the hood somehow

Step 5: pray that it's enough to cool the engine




Skimming through the first few pages in the projects forum I found these guys:







And advanceadapters.com should have everything you'll need (if you can afford it)

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Thank you for the links PETE. Does look like it may be more TIME then i really wanna spend. I will just find a motor for mine. Thank you kind sir :bowdown:




and wolfpackjeeper ??? um yeah

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wolfpackjeeper . sorry I was not really trying to be an azz to you . I was just like. Hum he sends me to a link of the projects ??


Sorry . ICEBOX


What I was really wantting to see Or read. Is something maybe on what someone had use as a doaner truck . maybe like the drive train form an S10 or some thing. I tried looking in the serch for V8 swap . but nothing really had complete details . But a stock 1990 4.0 has 173 hp and a stock v8 chevy Is really not that much more. So I will just build up the 4.0 i have .

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V8 swaps are not worth it :ack: . The 4.0L can be built with all the power and torque you will ever need for the common user of a Jeep, and it is a lot easier than trying to make a V8 work in the Jeep :thumbsup: .

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