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Ripped my front bumper off!

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So I got stuck last night wheeling and had no front recovery point and partially ripped off my stock bumper. Now I'm in the market for a new one. Can anyone recommend one? Probably one on the cheaper side of things... Thanks

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You don't have to trust your own welds. I built my bumpers with a small welder that could penetrate tin foil. I used it to tack the pieces together and then hauled the bumper to a local pro for final welds. Super strong and super cheap. :D It is of the utmost importance that you extend the bumper brackets as far back as possible and use as many grade 8 bolts as you can. As you found out, the stock bumper mounts are barely strong enough to keep the bumper from flying off with a strong gust of wind.


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On mine I paid a local shop a couple bucks to bend the 1/4" plate. I didn't think gussets were necessary on mine since I'd be bending the frame up before the bumper brackets started to give. Doesn't hurt to add some though.


The first shot is the only one I have of the buildup and the center receiver doesn't have the hole in it yet. The hole is on the backside of the bumper and my front and back bumpers match.



Use as many big bolts as you can (including the steering bolts on the other side)


The center receiver is the extraction point, the other 2 are the tow-bar points.


The rear integrates into my tire carrier.

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JCR offroad sells some really nice tie-in brackets. Maybe you could just buy those and then build your own bumper.


Just make sure you price it all out ahead of time. JCR's stage 2 bumper has a center reciever and two shackle tabs ... and its only $265 (maybe cheaper if you catch it on sale). If you have to buy the steel, buy the shackle tabs, buy the hardware, and have the welds done, you might be looking at close to the same price.


Don't forget to shop the classifieds on all the Jeep forums, ebay, and craigslist ... good chance you can find a nice used bumper for about 100 bucks.

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