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Mattracks on jeepforum


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At that price, they're a pretty good deal... But this is more my style:


http://www.offroadfabnet.com/forums/sho ... php?t=1349



I wouldn't build them exactly like that, but you get the point. Tracks have been around for ages; they aren't a complicated concept.


That's impressive work by that guy. Very cool looking on the little Zuke. Mini Sno-Cat for sure! I saw a feature on them on TV once, might have been Trucks! or another show, but a guy had a built and lifted F250 and he was just lettin' that thing EAT across some rolling countryside of deep snow. Just so cool.......

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They work really well in snow and muskeg. Some of the oil-field trucks in the north have.



I'd like to do up a set and go on a winter expo... You can go far more places with much less environmental impact around here in the winter. Freezing to death is a slight concern though.

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