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MM's MJ Project

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Nice rainy day in Florida, so I have a chance to post some pics. I'm re-posting these first pics, as I inadvertenly put them in the Pub a couple months ago when they should have been here.


Here it is - our "new" 88 Comanche - on Day 1 after a good scrub-down. It's a 4.0I, BA10, 5 sp, short bed, 2WD (but not for long).


Some previous close encounter trashed the front bumper, but everything underneath looks good. Amazing that there is no rust on this truck.


Truth is I really bought it just for the skull shift knob...Interior looks clean but it STINKS of animal (cat?) smell. Carpet is already gone and seat has been replaced with a new/old blue bench from Drahcir495, just up the road from me.


Oh, those idiot lights are destined for the idiot junkpile.


Couldn't resist this shot of the Manche w/Big Brother Bronco


Got our new Rubicon wheels and tires on. They really update the look of the truck. Wheels are 16s, tires 245/75/16. Little bit of rub in the front, but we'll take care of that with our upcoming lift.


Dumped those idiot lights for gauges - man it's nice to have a tach again. Great help from you all here in the forum for getting the new cluster and getting it installed.

Rolled the odometer forward to match mileage.


We've done a bunch of regular maintenance/repair items including fuel pump and filter, clutch, rear main seal, new exhaust...and the list will continue.


New photos of our recently installed lift soon.





St. Petersburg, Florida

88 MJ - 4.0I, 5sp, 2wd (Not for Long)

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