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Rear axle proportioning valve rod connection...

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I noticed when swapping the rear axle this weekend that the bracket the prop valve rod connects to on the axle was different between my 87 SWB and the 86 LWB. They mounted in diferent spots on the axle diff cover bolts. My 87 mounts centered to the axle and the 86 had to either mount above or below the center of the axle, can't remember which, but the bolt spacing fro each of them is different. had to swap the original to the new axle. Ive never heard anyone mention this as long as Ive been on here. Just wondered if anyone else has seen the same thing, or if its just the difference between LB, and SB?

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Not sure of an exact answer for you, but I also had to modify the mounting bracket when swapping from my '91 D35 to an '88 D44. I used the top bolt hole in the mounting plate as a guide for the upper bolt mount and then drilled a second hole for the lower mount. The new location didn't quite line up exactly with the previous bias, so I choose to go with the upper mount to give slightly more rear-brake bias. I figured that the heavy cap I have on plus the slightly better front brakes would require a bit more rear brake to balance out, and it seems to be working pretty well. I haven't had any lockup issues even when trying to lock it up in the snow, so I'm content to leave it, although I was thinking of possibly rigging up a turnbuckle to be able to adjust it as necessary.

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