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The *BEST* Craigslist Search App I've found so far...


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You can put in "Alerts" for any Keywords you want, tell it to check as often as you want it it will pop up when new stuff comes up. You select which Craigslist geographical area or state (or the whole world) that you want to search and it just goes to town. Can setup email alerts and a RSS feed, sort by price, location, etc...Pulls up the CL add and you can reply from within the app.. I just found 275 Comanches (including an $11K in in Ark... http://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/1160056534.html)


But for you Craigslist Junkies, I think it's pretty slick...


Windows install (not just web-based).




http://lifehacker.com/5157046/craigslis ... craigslist




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I was having trouble as well. Would click on the download and all it did was blick the screen. I figured I needed to load the framework.net and of coarse as soon as I did, it had to update. :shake: Along with IE 8. After 20 mins of all that crap, it still didn't download. So I went here and got it. http://download.cnet.com/CraigsList-Rea ... 09387.html

And once again, soon as I started that up, it had to update. :shake:


I'm waiting for it to finish my search right now. :popcorn:

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