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2wd rotors have the seperate bearings and races that go inside the rotor and then are attached to the spindle all together. The 4wd rotors just slip on over the hub unit which is bolted to the knuckle, and the wheel hold the rotor in place when it is bolted on. I am assuming the 88 on 2wd rotors are the same as the 4wd style just explained. As to which is better at high speed? Who knows? Good luck!

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The upper photo above is the same as any front hub/rotor for a rear wheel drive car. The XJs and MJs from the years that used that had a conventional (2WD type) front spindle, with standard wheel bearings thay you could (and should) repack every 10,000 miles or so.


In the other years they used the same hub/bearing unit as the 4WD models, with just a dummy stub axle insert to hold everything together.

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