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Cherokee XJ problem


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Over the winter the lift support struts for the hatch on my 88 XJ kind of wimped out on me. Finally got to the point that on cold nights or days they wouldn't hold up the hatch at all. On warm days, they wouldn't lift it but, if I lifted it manually, they would more or less hold it most of the way open.


So I just bought a pair of replacement struts from Advance Auto and put them in three days ago. This afternoon I took the trash to the transfer station, went to close the hatch, heard a "SNAP!" -- and the upper end of one strut had popped off the ball stud. Worse, it actually bent the stud.


These new struts are a lot stiffer than I remember struts being the last time I replaced them, and they don't use the OEM style of attachment. For now I took them both off and replaced the originals (thank God I forgot to take them to the transfer station with the trash). The hatch works -- but the upper ball stud on the left side is bent and the upper ball stud on the right is loose, and the ball is scored. I want to replace both but ... how do they come out? The one that's loose just spins with I turn it, it doesn't seem to thread into anything.


Anybody know how these things work?

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You sure they had the ones for an 88? With them making the hatch out of metal in 97+, I'm sure the struts got stiffer, and when I was looking at them on my brother's 98 they looked different than I was used to.

Yeah, I double-checked the listing on-line. The steel hatch has the strut mounts reversed -- the high one on the hatch and the low one on the body -- but the strut itself is about the same. And if you ever picked up a fiberglass XJ rear hatch, I doubt very much the steel ones are heavier. If anything, I expect they are lighter.


But ... it's academic, because it looks like they sold me the correct struts. I just don't think they're right, regardless of the listing. I probably can't return them, but I think I'll get 'em from Auto Zone next time. Or the dealer ...

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torx head they just unscrew tradiationally (righty tighty lefty loosey)



if it doesn't go in or out when turned...it's stripped.

Got the bent one out and replaced with one I pulled from one of the hulks. The opposite one, though, won't come out even when prying outward with a screwdriver blade under the shoulder. I'd guess that the "nut" is a riv-nut that wasn't properly expanded when it was installed, so the whole thing is now spinning. Oh, well ... it doesn't appear to be in danger of falling out.


Wildman, I will try to return them, but I don't have the receipt so I can't prove how long I've had them.

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Advance were able to go back 2 years on any item that had a warranty on it in there system, with just your phone number.


I like going in there after 4 years +, with my receipt and getting the "lifetime" warranty replacement :D



They didn't ask me for my phone number ...

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I like advance auto. i've never had a problem with a return for them.

i once bought a crankshaft from them for a 98 explorer.

my mechanic installed it and realized it didn't have the same number of bolt holes for the flywheel as the old one.


he pulled it back out, i took it to advance. They saw that Ford switched mid-year. I couldn't find my receipt. The store manager dug through all his receipt tape, found a copy of my receipt and then paid the mechanic for his labor. That's service if you ask me. They may have some parts that aren't OEM quality but most of their parts are fine for me.

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Last November, I was on a job, 65 miles from home, the stater died on my cube van, I called the store that I alway deal with, told the manger what the problem was, and that I bought the "life time" starter about 1-1/2 years earlier, He call the closest store to where I was, about 5 miles away, told them it was a warranty replacement, they had their driver bring it out to the job I was on, and when the driver showed up, I gave him the old one, and had the new one in hand, with no money changing hands.


And.......this was on a Saturday afternoon :eek:


So, yea, I do most of my business with Advance, that alone is why I stay loyal to them.


What other "discount parts store" would do that :dunno:

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