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1979 Jeep J-10

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If it was an automatic you don't want it. The rear axle will have an offset pumpkin that is in the same position as the front. They are also passenger side drop in 79 so you won't want anything to do with them. Not to mention the front is also low pinion. Wait until you can find some ford ones.

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I have no place to put it unfortunately. :( It's been in a rollover, top of the cab is crushed in. Still runs though, and the driveline is intact. It was offered to one of my relatives, who called me about since he knew I had an MJ. But it's headed for the yard...........

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yeah, do anything you can to save it.



I'm going to be picking up an m715 in the near future, and it would be very nice to swap the 4 banger out for a 360. that, with factory 5.13 gears will kick @$$.



just need the donor truck lol.


The stock motor in an m715 is a straight six. I agree a 360 swap into an m715 would be awesome though. One more thing the gears in the M715 axles are deeper than 5.13, it's more like 5.89 or something like that. The axles also kind of stink, you're not going to want to go very fast in that heavy beast with the 4 wheel drums and manual brakes.

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