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signuops and spam

Qui Gon-Jinn

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So after spending hours looking at my Netbook (8.9" Screen) and doing some research it seems that most of our spam is from one of two places


First the "RIPE" network


Second is the "APRIN" network


These cover a few area's.. RIPE is in the Netherlands. It covers Europe and parts of Western Asia.


The ARPIN is based out of Austrilia and covers the Asian Rim and most of Asia and the South Pacific.


So far I have come across 1 user who could not log in.


I blacklisted every single range of IP's I could off these 2 networks. ( to


So if you HAVE issues.. or hear of anyone with them. PLEASE email me with the Username and the IP. I will clear the range if it's needed.


I don't know if you guy's see the signups.. but when Pete opened up the email I was getting an average of 20 per day. These where from the APRIN or RIPE network.


My next big thing is more back end. Going to upgrade the Visual Recognition requirement. Also looking at adding a "If you are human type "I am Human" in the box" feature. Something to stop the current round of spam.


As always if it causes issues Pete or I will roll it back.


Here's to a Spam and Bot free board!! :cheers:

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