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Drive shaft ??

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I will have to agree and disagree with you my drive shaft worked great until i drove up a 4 ft ledge and smacked it right in the middle. I even tried to park the Tahoe on top of the drive shaft to get it to bend the other way that didn’t even bend it one way or the other.

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your right pete, but live and learn :doh:


So what option do i have now. Are the XJ u-joints slip yoke the same as are MJs i would think so. I can get one made he just needs the ends and i have a couple XJ drive shafts laying around plus i can get them all day long in the bone yard.

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what other trucks or cars or what ever's drive shaft will work for are trucks. This is for a short wheel base i seem to keep bending them or twisting them and i need to find a replacement so what will work??


any one :hmm:



can't really find anything else that fits.



I just had my double cardan rear driveshaft rebuilt and retubed...I bent it on a rock. it was only .083 wall tube, it is now .138, which is just below 3/16". he had no trouble balancing it, but said I might notice vibes a bit if I ran small tires and deep gears. told him I had 33's and 4.10's and he laughed and said I won't have any issues.


and I don't...it's perfect.

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