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emer brake

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i took all my emer brake stuff off the mj today. ever wonder what it all looks like? wonder no more.




taking the foot pedal off was interesting. :idea:


we will see which idea for a emer brake works out. :driving:


forgot to take a pic of the drum brake assembly. here it is.

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Looks like your missing the return spring in you foot assembly :hmm:


What ever you do......save the pull handle, I know some people looking for that part :brows:


And they don't exist in any parts stores anymore :(

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i have all the parts in a plastic bag. i'll check out project onyx. its later------------


i like what jt did. its more functionable, than stock, in my opinion.


however, i removed everything. all cables..


i will either use a line lock i have or something like a big bottle opener.


i know what they say about line locks, but i want one anyhow. i'll see how it works as an emer brake. :brows:


i save every thing..........

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