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Snow Day


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Got another 6" or so last night. Mostly powder with an inch of sleet on top. Pretty windy too.

I spent the day plowing out the family and helping the boss plow out the farm equipment.


Here's some pics of my little girl outside (notice the 'manch under a blanket of snow in the background)


And one of the 1970 Chevy C50 dump that I bought to plow with. Enjoy, because I sure didn't


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Concept, was that this weekends storm? we had alot of snow earlier, I just thought we would be done with it for a while gues not.


I've been keeping my eye out for a small plow for the manche. The C50 is great for pushing a foot and a half of snow, but it takes an act of God to turn it around at the top of the driveway.

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