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i have a few axle qustions

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i found a guy with a 1996 cherokee he is parting it has non vac axle in it will it be the bigger ujoints? also he has a 8.25 in anouther one is it worth buying? or would it be better to buy the 8.8 with disc's? what year is it the fenderflares don't go right under the truck? and what fender flares fit on the box of a short bed?

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Yes, the D30 will have the larger U-joints.


What year is the 8.25? If it's a 29 spline one, I'd say get it.


Any 84-96 XJ front fender flares will be identical to the MJ.


The only flares that work on the bed are MJ ones, and they're side specific. I can't remember if the longbed and shortbed ones are the same or not.

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