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Should i swap to newer (97-01) doors?


Should i swap to the 97-01 doors on my 87 MJ?  

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  1. 1. Should i swap to the 97-01 doors on my 87 MJ?

    • Swap them
    • Dont swap them

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I have been tossing around the idea of swapping to the +97 up doors to replace my doors on the 87...benifits for me:


1. Added security (eliminating vent windows)

2. don't have to replace the window guides (22 year old rubber..nuf said)

3. Will fix my window problem on the passenger side (crank assembly is old)

4. can get them for bout $100 for both doors complete with mirrors, panels etc.

5. Door pins will be fixed...d/s on my truck is gone :fs1:


The only problem is that the strikers are different but i have read alot about easy modifications on them...Opinions/Suggestions always welcomed :cheers:

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