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Light issues.

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I fired up the Comanche today and took it around the block. Probably won't get insurance on it for another couple weeks so it's been garage bound since I bought it.


I have a quick question though, the front orange lights (below the headlights) are not evenly light. This is the strange part though, the drivers side is dim when just the lights are on. But the passenger side is dim (and drivers side is the normal brightness) when the flashers, or blinker is on.


What would cause that?

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Bad sockets.

Mine did similar things when I first got it. I was able to find new socekts for it at AutoZone hanging on the wall in their section of bulbs / sockets / wires etc, etc...


Sometimes you can have some luck cleaning them with electrical parts cleaner and a little scraping, but it's not likely to work...didn't on mine anyway.

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Motormite/Dorman part number 84716, or look up anything that fits a 1978 Ford LTD.


Splice black to black, blue to brown and brown to either blue or gray with a black line depending on right or left hand side.


I had to do this on the passenger side of my 87 Comanche last year (and then replaced the entire harness with the one that came with my new header panel just a month later), and just today replaced both sides on my 94 Cherokee.


I paid $3.99 last year, now they are $8.49 at Advance and show $25.99 on the web side!

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