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CAD removal questions!

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Ok, so I pulled the CAD assembly from the front axle and removed the 3 c-clips. I can’t figure out how the shaft separates from the housing. Perhaps I’m as dumb as a bag of…well, CAD assemblies, but can someone let me know how to separate these two so I can add the washers?


Lastly, I bought 5/8” washers from the hardware store and now that I have this thing open, they look too big. The outside diameter is 1 3/4”.




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You should be able to do this without washers. I haven't tried it yet, but I have been told that all you have to do is remove the e-clips (that you have already), slide the fork over and then just re-install the e-clip on the other side of the fork and it will hold it in place in the locked position.

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