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Help please-oil leak

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my MJ started to leak oil from the top of the engine and i got oil on the air filter (blow by i guess?)

already changed the pcv valve and put a new oil cap on cause´ the old one was also leaking, now the leak continues and I'm starting to get scared about the engine running with bad compression or something.


any advice ?'?????? :???: :???:

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A most curious post occurred not too long ago, from a guy who had horrible blow-by and after replacing the timing chain the blow-by magically fixed itself. That's my next step for my 88 (not til springtime though). :thumbsup:

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First, what engine do you have? 4.0 and 2.5 don't really have a PCV, just a fixed orifice to vent the crank case with manifold vacuum. Even if you switched out the CCV , did you check to see if vacuum is getting to the grommet? If it is a 4.0, there may also be a flapper valve below the grommet that can get stuck closed with grunge causing same issue. Easiest thing is to remove cover and clean out thoroughly.



As far as the timing chain fixing blow-by :huh???:

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Thanks Pete I`ll check the timming chain this weekend


Aemsee: I have the 2.5l tbi engine, there was a kinda flexible hose instead of the valve, but as you can imagine it ws completely toasted and falling apart, it was just forced in into the orifice of the engine and looking bitten :dunno: ,


I have installed a pcv valve because that hose its veeery hard to find and i tough it will work as well , but if say its wrong i still have the old burned hose...and what about the oil cap bubbles??? well they are not bubbles but you can see a small bubbling there...

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Looks like its fixed!

As I said , i was using the new oil cap but there was oil leaking so i change the new caps plastic gasket and put it in the factory one then drove for about 40 miles, no leak when I checked....

Image Not Found

Note: the silicon was an attemp to seal the old hose...

i still want to check the time chain this weekend just to be sure everything is okay with my silver beauty


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