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Ok my 87 comanche 4.0 has been running great every since I bought it this past summer(except for the cracked flexplate).


I came home thursday night everything was fine, I get in it the next morning and it cranks and cranks but won't even try to fire. Last night I had a few minutes to look at it and the fuel pump comes on when I turn the key, so I depressed the schrader on the fuel rail and got a short burst of gas and that was it and the fuel pump didn't come back on when the pressure dropped. I cycled the key off and back on and the pump comes back on.


Am I barking up the wrong tree? Maybe it's electrical?


Thanks in advance for any advice



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Yeah...CPS is the first thing that comes to mind on that. Check to see it there is fire going to the plugs...if not, then it's most likely the CPS. It may just be a corroded connection at the plug as suggested. The give no warning when they go bad...they just quit and sometimes it's right in the middle of the raod.

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