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who knows about dizzys?

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The timing is not adjustable. It is completely controlled by the computer.


Also, I'm 95% sure the HO and Renix distributors are not interchangable.



actually, it is. you have to shave the ears off of the distributor in order to do so. it's common practice for those running strokers.


anyways, no, a HO dizzy won't work...the connector for the camshaft position sensor is different.

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Well if I shave the ears on my renix dizzy will the renix computer compensate for the distributor being in a different position? :help:

No, it won't. When the injectors and the ignition fire are controlled by the CPS. The only thing turning the distributor housing does is assure that the rotor is actually aligned with a turret when the ignition fires. That's normally not needed with a stock engine, but some aftermarket cams don't have the distributor drive gear aligned correctly and that makes it necessary to cut off the ears and "index" the distributor housing.

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We used to index the distributor on high mileage motors that showed signs of timing chain stretch. I had (still have) a dist cap with a window cut out at #1 terminal. Remove the ears and align the tail of the rotor with the post. We did this to correct misfires and bucking. Always seemed to work.

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