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Headlight wiring Upgrade questions

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Has anyone here upgraded their headlight wiring? I followed this write-up: http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoHeadlightLoom.htm and I’m officially stuck.


Here are my problems when all the wires are connected (as instructed in the write-up):


1. With light switch off, one low beam headlight is on. :???:


2. With headlight switch on, both low beams come on. :yes:


3. With high beam switch engaged (pull the turn signal stalk), no lights at all. :dunno:


I've mixed and matched the high & low beam wires between the relay pins and I can get the highbeams to go on individually or at the same time, but I can't wire it up so everything works as it should.

Can anyone offer a clue as to what might be wrong here? Not sure if it matters, but I'm using 30 amp relays & I don’t have fog lights.

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Wow sounds kinda cool. So you can actually make it "wink"?


You might pick up some chicks with that one.


Sorry man I couldn't help it.


I have no clue. Put it all back the way it was. I did a complete upgrade with wiring and new lights. Best thing I ever did for mine.


Hornbrod did it on his 92 too and he sent me all the info in a PM. I'm not saying it was cheap either cause it ran me 100.00 plus but the end results are excellent. I HIGHLY recommend the change so you might PM him and ask him directly.


James and Sugarfoot

1988 4.0 4x4

Austin TX




South Austin: We're all here cause we're not all there.

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