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Link on home page does not work

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Hey...that looks cool. I didn't even know that the home page had changed as I have the forums bookmarked and never go through the home page.


The only thing that bothers me is that it is not centered. Even with my 22" screen at 1680x1050 resolution and the browser screen fully expanded, I have to scroll to the right to have all the words on the screen... :hmm:

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Work in progress there.. and it's how your browser (Internet Explorer I am guessing) is reading the code.. in Firefox when it's about 8" or wider I get full text no side scroll. In fact Firefox renders it with no side scroll at any width more than about 6". Under 6" the navigation bar and images combine to make it to wide.


I need to get some time to do the fix's.


Busy with work.. and side work.. and working on the MJ.


this weekend is the Miss Az pagent. Sister-In-Law is in it.. so that will by my sat night.


Sunday.. Lake.. I hope.


still need to get tail lights installed on the MJ.. PO hacked into the wiring.. so that my be a trip to the JY to get parts. who knows.

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I tried Firefox for a couple weeks about a month ago and, while it was much faster than IE, there are too many things that just didn't work and I had to keep going back to IE to do so I gave up and deleted it to stay with IE so I don't have to keep jumping back & forth between browsers.

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I will get that fixed tonight..


Can't do it here at work as I Don't have Dreamweaver..





What you don't know how to use a text editor for something as simple as that?


Yes and No..


Text like.. the code.. Yes.


Flash Buttons.. Aren't text.. so I use Dreamweaver.. Notice the buttons change when you mouse over them


it's fixed now.

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Hmmm, I had not actually looked at the home page as my bookmark goes straight to the forums. As such I did not realize the buttons were shockwave flash objects.


My apologies.





NP man..


Like I said in my "Intro" post.. my Degree is web design/e-commerce and I work at a web hosting company.


They give me a few toys.. but not the nice ones I have at home.


The fix was actually done from work.. via remote to my home pc..


Yeah.. I'm a geek.. who uses my powers for the good of the awesome Comanche's that we all love.

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