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Something positives gotta come along eventually right??


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So the 'new' 1989 MJ still won't pass emissions. At least I found out that it is not coming out of open loop mode and into closed loop. It is running at 200° but the computer is only getting 150° so it runs the same at any RPM and any temp. I replaced the coolant temp sensor and knock sensor but to no avail. The ECU is still getting the wrong info.


Then, Saturday night we get a phone call that my wifes mom had died. Cindy [my wife] was wrecked. She was close to her mom. I took her to dinner that night and locked my keys in the truck. The store I got copies from when I bought it didnt have a blank for the door so I had no spare door key and in my attempts to get inside I shattered the rear window.


Since the front windsheild is also gone I am now paying $275 to get both replaced which is a pretty good price for both. I had just sprang for airfare for Cin and my son to go to TX to see her folks a week ago and I am so broke now I am not sure when recovery will happen.


BUT - I have done a cool mod to the truck tho that is worth a look so when I get back from getting new glass in it I will post up some pix and info of it. Its pretty cool and I expect someone will follow the example. That and I have installed an amp'd 8-speaker sound system in it with dual 12" subs and all I can say is HOLY $#!T!!! For the first time in 34 yrs I am actually 100% HAPPY with my vehicles sound.

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I am so glad we got rid of the inspections around here. I hope you figure it out.


Sorry to hear about your loss.


I know it is too late now, but why didn't you use the vent window? Do you have the one piece style? - Rich


Yep it has the solid quarter window. :headpop: I had a coat hanger all straightened out but it wouldnt reach the keys from the pass door.


I just got back from the glass shop. They put in a new front one which was also cracked but after waiting two hours they said the rear would be another day cuz some dumbass crushed the truck it was coming from. :roll: So they are coming to my house sometime in the next day or so to finish the work.


Its a mexican shop in a real $#!tty part of town and they sell used glass if you are in poverty like me. Two guys got into a yelling match near my truck and one started pounding on my truck :mad: :thwak: , which got my butt up and headed in his direction. I think it was the foreman and the guy who screwed up on not getting the glass there on time.

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