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Went to the junkyard today looking for some things that I was dissapointed they didn't have(they bought several newer Jeeps at auction monday, but they sent them to the more expensive yard, and not the cheap pick'n'pull).


But I did find one gem there, a 92 XJ with 220k on it, but a new 2 core radiator!


It looks like maybe it has been installed a year or two, so who knows how much mileage.


My stock radiator in my Yellow Freedom had been running with a bunch of stop leak in it before I bought it, plus being a single core you could see the temps rise in moderate heat and load.


So for $26 I got me an upgrade for the Yellow Jeep(being kept).


Now the radiator thats in there will go in the 160k mile white Jeep I'm selling, which also has a radiator that has been gummed up with stop leak, but in a bad way, just driving down the interstate at 75 the temp light will come on, and since it has dummy gauges if the temp light comes on when I am trying to sell it thats a very bad thing.


Woot! And here I was thinking I would be able to install the 4wd front end in the MJ this weekend..... oh well:





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