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shifter rod

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hey yall remember my post a short while ago looking for a shifter knob? well i got one from that guy and when i went to take the old knob off, it sheered the shifter rod clean off at the screw base!! :cry:

so my question is two fold, how hard is it to replace the shifter rod? and is anyone parting out a manual mj/xj with a rod that'll work? i need one now...

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Time for an UPGRADE!! :D


Hurst and B&M make replacement shifters for the AX 5/15. (I cannot see what you have, thinking maybe BA10 :oops: ) I have one on my TJ. AWESOME shifting, very close and tight shifts. it slike a litttle sports car now!!!


Other options would be the JY. Easy swap too.



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so i can't just replace the rod? it only sheered right where the screw base of the knob goes (so i can't screw the new knob on there) it'll still shift its just shorter, and i don't know what transmission is in the '88 i know its a five speed...

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