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TJ coils?

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As far as I know, they should physically fit just fine. Better do some more research before trusting my brain about the actual lift/drop number. :roll: Spring rate can also be important. I don't know the typical TJ lift coil spring rates.

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Yeah I knew TJ coils provided less lift on an MJ, my main question is if they would fit. I.E. let's say there were some TJ 4.5" coils, 1) do they fit and 2) if so, you are saying they would probably net @2.5" lift?



Basically, that's about it. Not sure if the difference is only 2" though. I thought TJ coils lost more like 3" or 4" compared to their listed height when used in an XJ or MJ. But the spring diameter is the same and they will go into the vehicle.

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