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New speedo cable

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Hey Jt, quick question. Was the one you bought from Advance the correct width, because the one I got from Autozone was too skinny and too long?

And actually, Taz do you guys sell one still with the housing because mine is now jacked?


Not sure I understand what your asking about width. Like the outside diameter of the black plastic sleeving or the inside spring ends?? My new cable seemed like it had a slightly larger OD. The ends, not sure, my old cable didnt have any.


I don't know if I was suppose to do this, but I used some synthetic grease to coat the "springy" inside cable then put it in the plastic "tube" all lubed. I hope I don't run into problems later because of that, but the cable wasnt very much $$, so if it self destructs Ill just go through Brent for a REAL replacement....

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