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Wiring harness removal

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Did a search, but didn't find what I'm looking for.

I have to get rid of my parts truck, the boss is being a blockhead and security is on my @$$ about it. I have everything disconected and pulled around the front on the engine harness, and the IP harness. I removed the two screws that hold the fuse block on, but there seems to be a bolt or screw coming from the engine side of the firewall that is holding the two sides of the C100 connector together. My 88 parts man. shows two " hair comb" looking clips(one on each side) but no bolt( parts truck is an 89). I can see no sign of the clips on the connector.

Anyone who can tell me how to get them out, I'd really appreciate it, I only got a short reprieve before it has to go. :bowdown:

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Not sure if its the same for an 89, but on my '91 parts truck and my '92 i had to remove a bolt in the middle of the C100 connector. On the engine bay side, look between the two harnesses running out of the connector. In between them, there should be a small bolt that takes (if i remember correctly) a 1/4" socket.

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the bolt is somewhere between 6mm and 8mm, and is DEAD CENTER on the C100 on the engine side of things. with the fuse block disconnected, you can angle the connector upwards to see between the wiring, and get a socket with extension on a 1/4" drive ratchet in there. take it out (its extremely fine thread so it takes awhile) and pop the shtuff out.

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