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The mystery oil leak

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The following issues is with a BA 10/5 4WD with 195K

O.K. I was driving my 1988 on the freeway in fifth gear going about 65 mph and I smelled gear oil. Thinking I blew a axle seal or pinion seal I pulled off the exit and took a peek. The diff and driveshaft and exhaust and right inner tire was dripping wet of oil. So i drove slowly home and really looked to find the source. the axle is ruled out due to the driveshaft and muffler more foward and soaked .But the gas tank side is dry, its only wet on the pass side. Transfer case has ATF so thats out to. I noticed the passenger side of trans is wet. I drove to work and noticed the trans was noisier than usual, so I had to pull the shifter to fill the trans due to stripped fill plug :mad: and cleaned off everything and now have driven it all week and no more leak! However, when it's on the highway, I smell gear oil andwhen I slow down and the smell goes away, around town nothing, dosn't do it. trans is now quiet and no visible holes or missing parts.


Sorry for the long sob story, but i'm stumped I was hoping someone else has seen this?


I know automatics has a vent, but does the pukegoat? I know axles and tranny's have vents to relive internal pressures caused by moving parts but is the vent on the pass side? and what could cause it to to so?


I know, I know its a crappy trans, But it's my DD and I need to play the cards i'm delt at the moment until the money tree I planted grows bigger in the backyard. :cheers:

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Your money tree has not started yielding yet :eek: ........My money tree died :cry:


Anywho........the BA10 has a vent, it is located on the passenger side, bracket is bolted to one of the tranny mounts, has 2 metal tubes that the rubber vent hoses hooks up to the BA10 and the 231 TC. You should see it just above the starter motor.


If you blew a rear tranny seal, it would leak out the bottom of the connection between the BA10 and the 231. there is a small drain hole there.


You might have "over filled" the BA10, and steady high speed driving forced the gear oil out the vent tube.


You said the tranny made noise, until you add gear oil, Yes, it would do that, they make alot of noise when there running low/dry.


If your not sure on filling the gear oil, the BA10 takes 4.9 Pints of oil on a dry refill (4wd). Normally you fill it until the oil comes out the fill hole, but this is not your case.


Also, until your money tree starts producing, and with 195K on the drive train........well, yes, it's a pukegoat :roll:

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The last time that happened to me, it was due to the Peugeot blowing a hole right out the passenger side near the rear of the trans. But I had problems with shifting within a couple miles on the freeway and it got progressively worse until I was stuck in 3rd for the last 10 miles. Since you're still driving it... I'm not sure what to make of it. But I would keep looking for a hole. Those dang Peugeots scare me and I seem to always assume the worst. :(

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