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i have had it !!!!!!!!!!

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last time I lulled one at the yard I pulled the shafs, popped the cover and caps, pulled the spiders, then took the pinion nut off and knocked the pinion back in. Pushed the carrier and ring right out the front. May not have been the best way, I was worried about the shock to the gears, but it worked just fine.

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Yes this can be a problem form time to time. Even for the experienced guys...


Try this: get a socket, just the scoket, of the correct size to fit one of the ring gear bolts. Hold it on one of the bolts as you reach around to the front of the pumpkin and spin the yoke. turn it untill the socked gets wedged up against the cap bolt/threaded surface.


I prefer to do this with the caps still on and only loosened as it can pop right out and isnt the lightest thing to catch with one hand.


Now you wil need something to give you leverage on the yoke. Say, a long screwdriver. Slowly turn to yoke and the carrier will pop right out.. it HAS TO.


Prying with two large screwdrivers has never worked for me either, thats why dealers have a CASE SPREADER.....


Good luck,


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From replacing gears in my buddy's TJ a few years back, I'm pretty sure you need a case spreader for the Dana 35. You can probably get the carrier out without one, but going back in without messing up the shims is a different story.

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Assuming you're replacing diff gears?

They don't need to be "set up".

Make sure you put the side shims and caps

back in the same place and orientation you took them out.

And,what mvusse said.You had to come along it out,it'll be

as nasty going back in.Be real careful with the side shims

that you don't damage them,or then you will have a setup

to do.

Why the question about the gears tearing themselves up?

Are you replacing them because they already were?

If so ,you need to find out why,or yeah,you might be doing

it again shortly.

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where can i get one to rent or buy


Don't know of any place to rent them. To buy they are $300 to $400. Take a look at pictures on the internet and McGuyver something yourself. It bolts to the furthermost left and right bolts, and then forces them apart to tweak the case a bit (make it longer) to take the tension off the carrier/temporarily give it more space.


the trick is to make something that does not go in front of the opening, but rather around it. Otherwise the carrier will be nice and loose, but you can't get it out because of the spreader being in the way.

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You CAN do it with out a case spreader. I only mentioned it so people know such a thing exists. A dead blow hammer and extra care will get it back in.



Dude sounds like you need to catch up on your reading!! There are write ups all over here and the web about swapping gears. Please read up, acquire a basic "working" knowledge and post up questions here.


One piece of advice,

Hold off on the gears purchase until you get your gears out. Spend the small amount extra and buy SPICER gears. All factory gears are stamped with a code for shims. Look at the numbers on your set and order the same in the gear ratios you want. That way you will at lease be in the ball park when you begin the set up.

I have been VERY lucky and have actually had two sets fall SPOT ON using the same number and position of the shims as factory. BUT I was sure to order the same gear set, offset.



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