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Anyone bought a new fuel pressure regulator?


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Ok, this XJ still isn't running. One of the last things I haven't replaced is the fuel pressure regulator. I put my pressure tester on it, and the first one it got to 35, still didn't start, second one was 25, no start, then 20, no start and bled off to nothing pretty much as soon as I let off the key, instead of holding it like it did at 35.


I checked Partstrain, and the cheapest one on there was like 53 bucks. That seems...a little high.


Anyone bought one? Where'd you get it, and how much? I tried to see if I could throw one on from one of my MJs but they're different.

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on my 95 cherokee wouldn't last week. thought it was the fuel pump and bought it, fuel regulator, fuel line and a filter. I replaced the filter first and it was part of the problem. had the fuel pressure gauge on it pump up to 38 psig, but rev up the engine it would drop to 25 psig. unplugged the vacuum line and had 40 psig all the time, changed the fuel regulator. works great.

bought all parts at my local Advanced auto parts store. regulator was about $60.

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