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How do I post pictures?


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what you want to do is go you your photobucket account, not by logging in but by going to the sites main page which would be here :


then you want to highlight the "Direct link" under the picture you want to share which is this:


when you have that paste it into the body of your message and highlight it from the Http all the way to the .jpg that is the exact place where you image is being sored. then click on the "Img" button below where you enter the subject, second to last button and it should surround it with the "" tag


and then it will look like this:


Hope this helps!


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You are very close. I hope this will help finish it off for you. When you go to your picture as shown here, simply click on the bottom box that says IMG code...






After you cllick it, a yellow box will show for a couple seconds saying copied. You do not have to "right click & copy" ... just click on it and it automatically copies. After that you simply paste it in to your post as it will already have the How6.jpg

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