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Ok I want to lower my 2wd MJ a tad for better handling and looks. Looking at doing the ford ranger spring swap for the front, but how much will it net me? I don't need much, not looking to set the frame on the ground or anything. Then I can go with a custom leaf pack in the back, or xj shackles and shims. Shocks I think I would be able to use XJ rear shocks and maybe TJ fronts as I hear that they are a bit shorter.

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You could simply cut off part of your front coils. Don't use a torch (you'll alter the steel), only a cutoff blade. And only slice about 3" off a coil at a time, checking the height after each cut. TJ coils are pretty soft. Not exactly what you'd be looking for in a pavement carver.

The rear is a simple as adding a steel spacer and getting some new U-bolts. Look into the cheap XJ lift parts. You can find 1 or 2 inch blocks with the longer U-bolts (XJs are spring over so adding blocks to them gives lift).

If you're only looking to knock it down an inch or 2, you can keep your current shocks.

For extra handling, I've read that you can upgrade the front swaybar with a v8 ZJ bar. I've yet to confirm that, but it's on the long-term list for my 90.

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