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Anyone on here get "shook up" in CA


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Just wondering if anyone here was in or near the "Quake" area yesterday? I read that there were no reports of serious injuries or heavy damage so I guess everyone is OK.


It wasn't the "Big One" ... YET ...


Yep. Felt it down here in SD. I'm on the 16th floor and the building swayed for @10 seconds.


Only a moderate quake, so no big deal.

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Felt it too here in S.D. by Mission Valley ; 7th floor and it did swing a little bit..

Guess the folks @ "ground level" in this area did not feel much though.


But I'm Glad altogether that it did not amount to much more than a wake up call.. ;)

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I was at a friend's dealership to have lunch with him. I went to the men's room to wash my hands. I came out and people were kinda milling about. The quake hit while I was in the restroom, and I didn't feel a thing.


My friend said that the cars on the lifts in the service department were swaying, so they all ran out of there quick.


I'm kinda bummed, because I enjoy a good shaking once in a while.

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