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Fuel pump assembly

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I think mine has finally rotted through. I am now leaking gas at the base of the feed line, return line AND wire grommet.


Saturday I'm going to see if that 2.5l Comanche is still in the jy. The unit is the same between 4.0 and the 2.5, right? Just a different pump on it? Maybe the forklift can flip it over for me for easier access, as the body is junk anyway.


Plan B if it's gone? Wildman, you have any available?


Assuming the Comanche is still there, I believe it was a 2.5l, 2wd, bench seat, short bed. The body is mostly junk, but everything under the hood looked all right.


Anything else I should get off it for anyone?


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ooh....ooooh....... Chrome Grill :D


Well.......almost :cry:


The 2.5 and the 4.0 use the same sender unit, and sender (gauge) the only difference is the pump it's self.


Yea, I got couple sender unit on the shelf.......just let me know if you need one ;)


And the usual pipe line to you :brows:

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I sure could use a ceiling panel and the rear carpeted panel under the back window if it has either.


If they look decent I can take them out, but don't know how much they want for them.


I guess I could stash them somewhere and then you could get them?


It's at Dave Worshill's in (at the east end of) Canton.

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Definitely...if they are there. I will be in PA this weekend for the final WERock competition, but I should be able to swing over the following weekend to grab whatever you find.


Let me know,and also let me know the hours over there (weekends?)


Thanks a ton!!!!

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Yes that is a cargo light, and the dashboard switch is still there also. The headliner is in good shape, but the carpet underneath the rear window is missing. Time constraints would not allow me to remove the headliner or cargo switch. They wanted $45 for the headliner and cargo light, or $12 for the light only. I guess that means $33 for the headliner. They are open 9-5 mon-fri and 9-4 sat.


I now do have an auxiliary electric fan and an air cleaner box (mine was in multiple pieces duct taped together) out of a 93 4.0 Cherokee, and the fuel sender unit out of the Comanche. Last time there were 15+ Cherokees with the 4.0, today there was 1 with a 4.0, 12 with a 2.5 and 1 with a 2.8. They go through vehicles pretty fast and cleaned up a lot around the pickup truck area.


Tomorrow I will install the sender unit and look at temporarily wiring the fan to my fog light switch/relay, as the fog light are gone. This does mean the fan can only work when the headlights are on though...

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