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Help ID this...

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We took the wife's XJ wheeling last weekend and about mid-day it started to "clunk" on left turns every once in awhile. I verified that I didn't bust a shaft and we wheeled the rest of the day without issues.


It's now been a week and the clunk has somewhat gone away. It did however happen again this morning and I decided to take the diff cover off and inspect everything.


With that being said, I'm not sure the clunk is even coming from the axle. It sounds/feels like something is binding and than lets loose. For all I know it's the crappy rear drums binding. I can not get it to happen by jacking up the axle and turning the tires, it's like it happens when either a) power is put to the axle and I'm turning, or B) weight is on that side.


So anyways, I tore off the cover and found this. Admittedly I do not have a ton of time working on the Chrysler 8.25" axle and don't know a lot about it. I however have NEVER seen this inside of one. Everyone one I've seen is a 1 piece carrier with no springs/pressure plates. Is this the factory limited slip? The carrier looks to be a 2 piece carrier (I thought the factory limited slip still used a 1 piece carrier?). I don't see any markings on it giving me any idea if it's factory or aftermarket.


What is it?







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Yeah...I guess his could have the clutches hidden in the end after seeing the cut away diagram in that last link. It's just been too long since I have messed with stuff like that for me to identify it for sure so I guess I should bow out and wait for someone more knowledgeable to step in ;) :D

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