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4x4 conversion

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the guy that just bought my mj is thinking about switching it from 4x2 to 4x4.my truck was '88,4.0.5 speed,long box,bench seat.he wants to find a donor truck for the parts needed.he also wants to convert it to an aw4 automatic at the same time.obviously,the best choice for a donor would be the exact year 4.0,4x4,auto,long box.the next would of course be the same w/short box.if we can't find an mj donor,how much stuff is different from an xj(besides rear driveshaft length of course)?will the xj shifter console fit the mj w/ bench seat?any help would be much appreciated.thanks.

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Well obvisloy the center console won't work with the bech seat in there from an XJ, unles you are referring to the mini console which it will work with the auto. However I might suggest keeping the 5 sp just upgrading to an ax-15. But everything will work for the conversion. check out $500mj conversion build and there are a few more good ones and they will chime in......

http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/view ... ight=500mj

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There are many '88 XJ's that can be bought for cheap for this conversion, in fact, a XJ would make a perfect Donor for this project.


Having both vehicles at the same time saves alot of problems, with missing this part and that part, just reach over to the donor, and grab the missing part.


Going from a manual to an automatic trans has a lot of parts that need to be changed over.


The console you have now for the manual, just the rubber boot is pulled out, and the auto shifter in install in it's place, you can keep the same console. Also the coin holder pops out, and the TC shifter bezel snaps in place.


About the only thing you will need, as mentioned, is the rear drive shaft, and if he going to keep it stock hight, just ask here, I know, I have a couple rear drive shafts for LWB, 4.0, AW4, 231 set ups.

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