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can some one explain backspacing?

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Backspace is the distance from the mounting surface to the inside lip of the wheel.




The lower the number, the further out it sticks. Just remember that wheel width is DIRECTLY related to backspace. For instance a 8" wide rim with 4" BS and a 10" wide rim with 4" BS will NOT stick out the same amount.



Also, if your going to run 33x12.5 I'd really consider just running a 8" wide rim. A 10" wide rim will make it more prone to loosing your bead.

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alright thankyou sir.

so i should get a 15x8 with 4 inch of backspacing and 5 on 4.5? with pro comp mt's 33x12.5?


That sounds like it will work. I have 31/10.5 tires on 15X8 Jeep rims with ~5" backspacing. Four inch BS is fairly common on aftermarket rims IIRC.


One important point: Factory BS was ~5" and with stock tires that left >1" of clearance between the sidewall of the tire and the frame rail. Wider tires on factory rims might foul. You might want to measure your own clearance and figure out what works best, as you can always lift/cut to deal with outside clearance issues, but tire sidewall rubbing on frame or leaf spring in rear or LCA in front is not so easily addressed (though wheel spacers are a possible cure).

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Actually...4" BS is not as common as the 3.75 or 3.68. Most of the wheels you find for a 5on4.5 bolt pattern will be either of those.


I agree on the 15x8 with a 12.50 tire. I made the mistake of getting 15x10's for our Wrangler and I have always been scared to air down too much because of it.

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I run both 4" BS and 3.75" BS on a 8" wide rim with 12.5" wide tires. Neither set gives me any issues.


thank you. you made my day.

I'm ordering my lift this week and my rims an tires in the next few weeks.

i don't know what order of things i will buy next but i still will need some control arms, lockers, fender flares, and eventually a new exhaust system. I'm ust happy that I'm finally building up my jeep. slowly...

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