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Emergency sensors for Renix manual?

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I know when I had my XJ w/ the AW4 auto tranny folks said ALWAYS carry a crankshaft position sensor because they were know to go out and leave you stranded on the trail.


So now I have my MJ w/ the Renix 4.0L and the AX-15 manual (I believe)... What sensors should a long suffering Jeep guy like myself for my rig?




You guys rock jamminz.gif


P.S. How do you tell if it's the AX-15? The dude I bought it from said it was an "AX... sumthin." (Not exactly confidence inspiring)

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I carry 2 of each junkyard sensors (someday I might actually take the time to see if any of them work).


What year is your truck? If it's the AX trans, it's an AX-15 (the AX-4 and AX-5 only bolt to the smaller Jeep engines). The other choice back then was the awful Peugeot. The AX-15 is the most common upgrade for a blown Peugeot, so it still might be an AX-15 even if it's too old to have gotten it from the factory.


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