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  1. I wanted to give everyone here a late heads up that Sunbust, the All Mopar car show and Swap Meet will be on the 16th and 17th of this month. We have a 1980 and newer show on Saturday the 16th, and we have a Jeep only class. If you want to come out, we only have one Jeep pre registered as of today, Pre registration is $15, but closes on monday, day of registration is $20. you can register online at www.moparsunimited.org Chris
  2. Ok, I see that it leaks under the pedals. What now. I have the same issue, and have been fighting this for three years now. RTV, nope, silicone, nope, hell even some infomertial crap, STILL LEAKS. I am getting tired of having a wet floor. DO I NEED TO WELD THIS SHUT???
  3. This year, the 1990/99 Comanche would have to be put into the Truck Modified class. We will have a few games for kids, as well as a free poker walk, music, good food vendor and a swap meet. I look forward to hopefully seeing it out there
  4. I thank you guys for the great info, this forum has helped me out very much on my Jeep so far. I am an avid Mopar fan, both Modern and classic. My list of rigs includes... 1964 Plymouth Valiant 1965 Dodge Polara 1967 Plymouth Satellite 1986 HD Sportster 1987 Jeep Comanche W/ 5.2 V8 1993 Dodge Ram W250 Diesel 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T 2009 Challenger T/A 2011 Challenger SE I work on all of them, and love them all. I also am a member of Mopars Unlimited, Tacoma which hosts an annual all Mopar Show. Ok, here is the info for the All Mopar show in Frontier Park in Graham, WA on AUGUST 18th. http:
  5. that looks real nice, what size of tires are those?
  6. I want to get out there in my truck, but its not capable yet. Still need to relocate and lift a few things before I take her out and get her muddy. Hopefullly this next month I might be able to fix my gas tank conundrum though. It has a stock Cherokee tank that is just hanging on the back of the bed waiting to get ripped off.
  7. Other side of the Bridge, Tacoma here. I found it funny, after I picked up this awesome beast, I have spotted a ton of Comanches all around. I can't wait to take this out to Tahuya next year once it becomes a wheeling rig.
  8. The ZJ dash does fit, and I have to commend the previous owner, he did a great job on putting this truck together, minus a few odds and ends. But I doubt if I would have put it together it would look as good. As for the dash, he cut it down so it would fit, and massaged the front to fit the windshield better. The only issue, and a big one here in WA where is is awalys raining and cold. I have no defrost at all.
  9. Howdy all. I have been “lurking” around this forum for almost eight months now. I have gotten a ton of info from this page for picking out a proper rig, to figuring out what my minor problems were. I guess seeing how this is supposed to be an introduction, I will introduce myself I picked up my Comanche the weekend before I headed down to SEMA, the other rigs I have, are a 2009 Challenger T/A, 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T, and a 1965 Polara with a 383, set up for mild bracket racing. I have had an infatuation with Comanche’s, since my buddy in the Marine Corps let me drive his Comanche Chi
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